Greek Frozen Yogurt With Honey And Walnuts

Greek yogurt (γιαούρτι – yaoúrti) has change into extremely popular worldwide because of its delicate balanced sourness, full style and, after all, its thickness, one thing that makes it simple to make use of in many recipes, sweet or savory, as a alternative for double cream or other milk creams rich in fats. Happily, there are a lot of fantastic Armenian stores in our neighborhood where quality yogurt is cheap and plentiful. Dolores – Greek yogurt is the best way to go. Sometimes, when I need to save a few cents, I’ll combine regular and greek together.

And while yogurt requires at least 5 hours to incubate, there’s solely about 30 minutes of energetic time. To 1L of heated 2% milk I added 3Tbl cocoa powder, 1Tbl instant espresso, half of tsp ground cinnamon, 2 sachet packets powder Stevia (sweetner) & 1tsp vanilla extract.

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